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Design & Construction Services

Construction projects can be challenging. Not only are there technical problems to solve but there are innumerable legal issues to address too. From building permits and zoning laws to payment disputes and mechanic liens, you need a partner on your side to make sure you have all your bases covered.

Jones Law represents owners, developers, lenders, designers, contractors, subs and material suppliers with all aspects of their legal needs. In addition, for companies who don't have in-house legal departments, Jones Law also provides risk management and general business counsel.

Contract Documents

Jones Law provides contract documents, from fully bespoke contract documents to industry standard forms, modified for your specific application. Not all contracts are the same, and just because a contract is published by a national organization doesn't mean its the right fit for your project or that it conforms to the required state law. Jones Law can review and modify standard industry contracts to ensure that your best interests are protected and that you are conforming to state law.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance is an important part of any construction project. Jones Law provides independent review, analysis and advice related to insurance policies, coverage and claims. From reviewing and advising client's with respect to their general liability coverage to negotiating project specific policies for large projects or important clients, Jones Law brings years of experience helping clients ensure they have the right policies and coverage for construction projects and businesses.

Disputes & Mechanic's Liens

It's not uncommon for construction litigation to begin as a payment dispute. One party (e.g., an owner or general contractor) withholds payment. The aggrieved party sends a demand letter and then files a mechanic's lien only to learn the reason (real or imagined) for the nonpayment was the withholding party's displeasure with the quality, quantity, or timeliness of the services or materials provided. In short, if you have a payment dispute or lien filing problem, you typically have a problem with something else too. Jones Law has extensive experience filing, enforcing and defending mechanic's liens as well as prosecuting and defending payment claims without a lien filing. If you are owed payment or if you have a contractor claiming you owe them payment, Jones Law can help.


When someone is injured on a job site, there are important legal issues that come up. From properly reporting the injury to defending claims brought by injured workers, Jones Law has the experience you need. We can also assist in preparing safety plans and programs to ensure our clients meet the industry standard.

Government Contracts, Claims & Bid Protests

When a project or contract is funded or owned by a public entity, the game changes for contractors, regardless of the tier. Not only will private sector documents such as subcontracts need to be revised but a host of regulations and statutory provisions come in to play that do not apply on private projects. To be clear, when you do work on a public project you need to understand your rights and obligations. Jones Law has extensive experience assisting government contractors and trade contractors who perform work on public projects, including successful bid/status protests, requests for equitable adjustment, contract modifications and other claims. Jones Law has attorneys who have practiced before both state and federal agencies (including the GAO, NAVFAC, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, etc…) and who are admitted to practice before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Jones Law's attorneys have also successfully sued municipalities in state courts resulting in projects being awarded to our clients after the local municipality first awarded the project to another company.

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