Whiskey Mold

What is Whiskey Mold?

Whiskey Mold (or Whiskey Fungus) is a colloquial name for the fungus baudoinia compniacensis

Lawsuits in the United States have alleged that Whiskey Mold accumulates on surfaces in the vicinity of certain alcoholic beverage distillation operations.  Those operations may include warehouses where certain products are aged, also known as "Barrel Houses."  

It has been claimed that the effects of Whiskey Mold may damage or, at the very least, cause unsightly conditions which may reduce the value of property on which Whiskey Mold accumulates.  Removing Whiskey Mold can be costly and may require additional maintenance, premature weathering or wear of surfaces, and unreasonable and substantial annoyance and interference with the use and enjoyment of property.

What can you do if your property is damaged by Whiskey Mold?

If you believe that your property has been damaged as a result of Whiskey Mold, you may contact the attorneys at Jones Law.  If you qualify, we offer a free consultation to commercial and residential property owners who believe their property has been damaged by Whiskey Mold.  To request a free consultation, you may either call our office at (931) 532-0665 or email our office

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